Developer meetings are scheduled events which usually take place during the first week of every month, where the entire management team, comprising of the head of each department meet up with the project manager to discuss what has been achieved during that month, the current performance and popularity of the forum, advertising and financing, to develop strategy as well as the direction in which the forum should go.

Developer meetings usually last for around an hour or two, during this time numerous things are discussed along with how to take the forum forward and developing a team strategy. Each time a meeting takes place, the meeting transcript will be made available for the public on this page. The meeting is chaired by the Project Manager, who provides each lead developer at the meeting with a chance to raise any issues they would like to discuss, as well as any issues which have been raised by the community. In the case of policy, a formal vote is taken by all management team members on whether or not to go ahead with specific policy.

Note: Certain information has been removed from these transcripts in order to maintain confidentiality on various issues, for example in the case of voting, which team member voted for which outcome.

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