Converting to Panther

In order to convert to Panther, you must to download the official converting facility. Please note that there are no implied warranties or guarantees and you do this entirely at your own risk. Aura Forum Software officially revokes all liability for any issues arising as use of this conversion system. We recommend you make a full system backup prior to beginning the conversion process. For more information on what exactly we can convert for each forum software, please click on the dedicated link in the sidebar.

Converting to Aura Forum Software will automatically move all database data from your existing board to Panther. However, in order to prevent any data loss, the converter will not delete or drop any old databases or tables, this must be done manually in your phpMyAdmin facility.

It's important to understand that Aura Forum Software only offer converting services for the core application of the forum you are converting from. For additional support with converting modifications, styles, background tasks or extensions, please make a support topic and our community can assist you. There are no guarantees that converting modifications or extensions will work or be as reliable as the converter.

Converting Information

When converting, an existing installation is required in order start the conversion process. First, install Panther Forum, and create a sub-directory inside the Panther Root to place the conversion files.

After you have created your sub-directory and uploaded the conversion files to it, visit it through the web interface. For example, if you named your sub-directory convert and your forum was placed into a folder named forums your URL would look something like

Once you have navigated here, select the forum type you wish to convert from, and enter your old database information. You should be able to get this information from your hosting provider. We also offer conversion of avatars on most forums, as well as attachments. Note however that when converting attachments, we cannot do this for any attachments which have been added into your forum through modifications; any attachments must be added into the core of your forum in order to be converted. After the conversion of any forum, you must manually rebuild the search index so searching for posts will work. To do this, go to:

Admin -> Maintenance -> Rebuild Index

To convert, click the download button and follow the above instructions. If you encounter any difficulties, please feel free to create a support topic. Finally, if any information should be logged during the conversion process, a file named convert.log will be created in the same directory as the conversion is taking place and any information will be logged there. It will only be created if there is something to be logged. Thank you for choosing Panther Forum.