Converting from Simple Machines (link)

Thank you for choosing to convert from Simple Machines to Aura Forum Software. The following versions of Simple Machines are supported: 2.0. To get started, please read the below instructions.

From Simple Machines, we can convert:

  • attachments
  • ban_groups
  • ban_items
  • boards
  • board_permissions
  • categories
  • log_notify
  • log_polls
  • polls
  • poll_choices
  • reported
  • membergroups
  • members
  • messages
  • moderators
  • sessions
  • settings
  • smileys
  • topics

We cannot convert:

  • admin_info_files
  • approval_queue
  • calendar
  • calendar_holidays
  • collapsed_categories
  • custom_fields
  • group_moderators
  • log_actions
  • log_activity
  • log_banned
  • log_boards
  • log_comments
  • log_digest
  • log_errors
  • log_floodcontrol
  • log_group_requests
  • log_karma
  • log_mark_read
  • log_member_notices
  • log_packages
  • reported_comment
  • log_scheduled_tasks
  • log_search_messages
  • log_search_results
  • log_search_subjects
  • log_search_topics
  • log_spider_hits
  • log_spider_stats
  • log_subscribed
  • log_topics
  • mail_queue
  • message_icons
  • openid_assoc
  • package_servers
  • permissions
  • permission_profiles
  • personal_messages
  • pm_recipients
  • pm_rules
  • scheduled_tasks
  • spiders
  • subscriptions
  • themes

The primary reason so many things are unable to be converted is due to the fact they are redundant in Panther. A few tables such as 'scheduled_tasks' are used differently, so they cannot be converted. Another problem is things like 'personal_messages'. Do to the way they violate normalisation so much, and are optimised so badly, it is just not possible to port them across.

When converting, make sure you enter your avatar and attachment paths, even if you only wish to convert avatars and not attachments. This is because uploaded avatars are stored in the attachments directory while avatars which are chosen are stored in the avatars directory so both are needed for conversion.

After running the converting tool, the following extensions will be automatically installed:

NOTE: These extensions are required after converting from Simple Machines and without these, you will not be able to login to your forum and may encounter other issues.

If they are unable to be installed, you will be notified. In this instance, please download them, and upload them to the converter manually. After you have done so, you will be free to visit the forum index.