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Abdulhalim (12-10-2016 08:07:35)

Hello Chris ,

List of bugs and problem …

1. Can not add new menu item , after adding the new item , all system will be crashed and an error appears . To resolving this problem, you need to manually edit cache/cache_config .php and remove the new item from the file, The board will work temporally .

2. Users can not add their own avatar , after clicking on the upload button , again an error appears , Admins could manually upload users avatar in the avatar folder .

3. Editors guideline ( BBCode , [url] tag, [img] tag and Smilies ) not loaded , all of them has the same problem

Errno [1] Unable to find template "@core/help.tpl" (looked into: /home/panther/public_html/forums/include/../include/templates). in include/lib/Twig/Loader/Filesystem.php on line 215

4. Editor bbcodes
1. Underline , Stroke , URL All of them just work in the text editor but after submitting the post , They will be as a normal text .
2. Can not add image throw image button
3. Smilies do not show on editor but they work in editor just after submitting

5. Editor box height is limited so if there was the long piece of code maybe it will show out of the editor.

6. When two or more posts selected to merging , and create the new topic to moving the post , The new post ( after redirecting or manually navigating to that new topic ) system shows server error .

7. Can not delete or change user groups of a user via administration
8. User groups in backend have real problem with each of items
9. Can not configured delete Tasks
10. Users can not navigate profile/display ( just on

Chris98 (12-10-2016 08:20:35)

Milestone set to 1.1.4.
Owner set to Chris98.

Chris98 (21-12-2016 16:46:08)

For 1 - how are you setting up an additional navigation menu link? It should be formatted like:

0 =|Google

Chris98 (10-02-2017 13:59:31)

Issues 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 9 are fixed. Setting the owner of this ticket to Weks so that he can address the styling concerns noted here.

Chris98 (10-02-2017 13:59:39)

Owner set to Weks.

Chris98 (03-06-2017 18:45:58)

Milestone set to 1.1.5.

Chris98 (19-08-2019 11:27:40)

Priority set to High.
Package set to Aura.
Milestone set to 1.0.0-alpha4.

Long overdue now, so let's get this escalated ........

Chris98 (11-10-2019 15:47:41)

Milestone set to 1.0.0-alpha5.

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