From FluxBB, we can convert:

  • bans

  • categories

  • censoring

  • config

  • forums

  • forum_perms

  • forum_subscriptions

  • groups

  • online

  • posts

  • reports

  • search_cache

  • search_matches

  • search_words

  • topics

  • topic_subscriptions

  • users

After Conversion

After running the standard convertor facility, you must also download the attached addons and plugins. These are for compatibility between passwords, and ensure once users login their passwords are converted into Panther's sha512 passwords with 16 characters of salt.

You must also download an additional addon which is attached, this is called 'fix_last_topic.php' and will run once, and automatically remove itself from your forum. This fixes the last topic information on the index page which was not previously there in FluxBB.

From using the plugin, you can find out how many users' passwords still need to be upgraded on your forum. One they have all been upgraded, you can remove the plugins and addons from your forum.

Note: Without using these, you will be unable to login to your forum because the passwords cannot be converted without this procedure. This will convert FluxBB passwords from the 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 & 1.5 branches. You will have to login twice in order for this to work.

The order to do this:

  • Download the file 'FluxBB_password_update.php', and manually place in the directory 'admin/addons/' (relative to the panther root)

  • Go and login as normal.

  • Upload the plugin AP_FluxBB_Password_Status.php through admin -> addons, and the same for fix_last_topic. The 'fix last topic' will automatically run and delete itself. This will add the topic subject to the index page.

You can look at the plugin to see the status of the password updates:



Kind regards,
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