We have released a patch to address numerous issues with the forum and to provide more stability and features. One of the major new features in this release is an addons manager which allows you to upload addons directly through the forum interface. The full list of improvements are listed below.

*Fixed no warning langauge file being loaded when a non admin user views a user's profile

*Fixed issue with user being logged out if a URL scheme is present other than the default

*Fixed multiple issues with all URL schemes, including not being able to use plugins

*Added the last topic on the index page, and on sub forums

*Added addons Manager and updates admin restrictions for addons manager. Important: If you've already issued restrictions, after the update you will have to delete them and re-add them otherwise the new column for the addon manager will not take effect

*Added spoiler tag

*Added a new hook in header.php for addons

*Added a hook in include/common.php for addons

*Fixed multi moderation wiping current subject if subject is changed by it

*Fixed admin restrictions crashes and database errors when deleting or editing restrictions

*Changed FORUM_VERSION constant in install.php to 1.0.6 so Panther doesn't detect updates the forum already has.

We strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version for improved stability and reliability for your forum. In order to apply this patch, please re-check for updates via the admin panel and then it should be automatically downloaded. If no download occurs, make sure "download updates" is enabled in administration and try again.
You should then be notified via an alert about upgrading when viewing the administration index.

Important: If you're running a 1.05 Beta release or 1.04 Beta release, you must either download the attached file called "admin_updates.php" and replace it in Panther's root directory, or run the update file twice (which may or may not work). The reason for doing this manually is due to a transaction issue which has been fixed in 1.0.6 Beta. If you're running the 1.0.4 release, you may have to replace the file again after the update to 1.0.5. We apologise for the inconvenience, however, since this issue has been fixed no more manual updates will be needed in future.

Note: After installing the 1.0.6 Beta update, the database structure has changed to have the last topic on the index page for each forum. In case you already have topics in your forum, we have created an addon below (called "fix_last_topic") which will automatically add the last topic to each forum on the index page (which you can install by going to the new "addons" link after the upgrade). This will run once and automatically remove itself from your forum, after running check your index to ensure that the forums have been updated successfully.

Kind regards,
Christopher Marshall
chris [at] get-aura [dot] org

Project Manager