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AURA : Language Packs Generation

  • Started by dezix
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  • dezix
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Hello the World! smile

For what I know, there is (at date : 2019-08) only 3 language packs available :

  • English

  • German

  • Persian

So it's clear enough that Aura needs to support more languages to grow-up its community.

I'm new here,
but I can see that making a new lang pack is a big work if done manually.

That's why before investing a lot of efforts in just one translation (French),
I'm asking if there are some method and tools available to ease/automate this work?

I noticed that the structure of Aura's language files is very close to Panther and even FluxBB,
so I wonder if scripts have already been developed to reuse the older material.

I start this topic here with the hope of gathering essential information,
to create easy access to knowledge for future translators.

Ideally, at the end of this discussion we should be able to write a recipe easy-to-use.

If we achieve this objective, the project managers could insert it into the main site with strategic links to replace the translations that are still missing.

Thanks for sharing!

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  • Chris98
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This is an excellent topic!

Currently unfortunately such a tool doesn't exist. I'd say I could probably create a one, but it would be a very difficult thing to do because fundamentally, we use totally different language strings to FluxBB. While there are parts which are similar, much of this is in a different format which would mean you'd need to rely on the translator working through the strings themselves......

Even the German and Persian translations are unfortunately out of date on our own website. However, I am interested in any suggestions anyone may have as to how we could make the whole process easier for translators to keep things up to date as well as translate languages.

My idea for keep things updated is to have a page on our own website with the differences between versions and languages. So this in itself isn't too difficult to achieve.

As for translating, you could use PoEdit. You only need to open the files and then translate them using that. Let me know how that sounds for now smile

Kind regards,
Christopher Marshall
chris [at] get-aura [dot] org

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