Another day, another release for Aura Web Software. Today we release Aura 1.0.0-Alpha4. This release focusses on a lot of bug fixes and optimisation of the existing forum framework. You can view the full list of changes below:

- Fixed issue with extension hooks not firing properly when no arguments were passed
- Added new hook for code being ran through the <head> section of a template
- Fixed a bug when replacing existing forum permissions
- Fixed issue with subforums not being shown on the index page
- Fixed issue with subforum hook having incorrect data on index
- Fixed undefined class 'url' when loading subforums on the index
- Fixed PHP 7 error with function return_bytes()
- Fixed issue with uploading new avatar
- Fixed Exception generation issue in include/classes/cache.php
- Fixed issue with autoloading namespaced classes in very specific conditions
- Added backticks on a number of query items in database.php
- Removed task type for cron jobs in the settings- all tasks are now ran through the forum interface
- Added Gravatar URL in separate variable in the '\Aura\avatar' class
- Removed duplicate file for generating the title of a user
- Fixed error when deleting a thread with attachments in
- Added exiting script through the registry
- Added HTTP authentication headers through the registry
- Added new language string for the HTTP authentication
- Added new redirect when logging into forum passwords
- Fixed numerous formatting and error issues with the error handler
- Added new section in the error handler for template errors
- Fixed error with updating the username of a user profile
- Fixed error if a custom date/time format was added and then removed, yet some users still had that date/time chosen within their profile
- Fixed error with generating the form in the admin section of a user profile
- Fixed error if non-existing modules are attempted to be loaded
- Fixed numerous issues with the exception handler not formatting errors correctly
- Added new error type in the error handler for template errors
- Fixed namespace error on running tasks
- Fixed error when viewing IP statistics of a user in the administration center
- Fixed error with administrative mode messages appearing styled as the main board
- Added new URL style "folder based"
- Added new background task to unlock any "stuck" tasks
- Slightly optimised the XML Converter
- Fixed potential error when converting the charset to UTF8 of extension code where neither UTF-8 or iso-8859-1 is used as the encoding type
- Added new method to upgrade the forum database using safer XML files within the downloaded package

Kind regards,
Christopher Marshall
chris [at] get-aura [dot] org

Project Manager