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Forum rules

Aura is a friendly community, please honour this when posting. The following rules are specific guidelines which are expected to be followed in all posts, topics, etc.

  • Please don't try to deal with issues yourself. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, report it to a moderator using the "report" link at the bottom right of a post.
  • Please don't personally attack other users. You can post your own opinion, but posts to troll or purely offend another user will be removed and your account may be banned.
  • Please post in English only. Posts in other languages may be removed as we are unsure whether they are following the rules. We fully respect the diversity of different languages, however, we need to ensure these forums appear readable and in uniform.
  • Posts should generally be on topic at all times, and preferably contribute positively to the community.
Usernames must not contain or represent, directly or indirectly:
  • A domain name, website title or company name
  • Including a TLD as part of your username
  • Impersonating other community members, companies or websites
  • 'Donate to me' styled messages
  • Anything for a commercial product or service

If you repeatedly break the rules, your account may be banned. We hate banning users as much as users hate being banned. But to avoid being banned, please avoid breaking them in the first place!